Hi guys!
i made up a game called hit It Skyward. it's really fun and easy (when you get the hang of it of course). i have never played it because it requires ten people (five per team) and i just made it up like an hour ago. i am kinda boredish. today... let's see... identicalish twin sisters came to visit my school. they were Sardine's age. which is cool... because there haven't been man new kids that age lately. i have always wanted an identical twin -it would be sooo fun!!!!!!!! we could switch lives for a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ya.... my camp nanowrimo book (camp nanowrimo is just like normal nano, except it used to be in the summer (now it's in april and july), so it's suppiosed to be like camp) is comng really well. i have 2016 words so far. three words ago i had our current year... anyway... i am writing the haunted carnival book that you read an excerpt of earlier. i love nanowrimo.

and Halloween but that is a different subject.

lets see... i had something to write about.... oh yeah!!! this summer Cheesy, Philio, Rory and i are going to camp together -in the same session!!!!!!!!!!!! the session theme is called Night Owls, and in it you stay up all night. i am very excited for this and for the rest of the summer. the only bad thing about summer is that eventually it will end, and then i will go into the big kid middle school room.... which isn't so bad, it;s just a scary concept!!!!! and then when i graduate Sardine will be master of TDG....... and yah (pant, pant, pant)

this is a REALLY long post!!!!!! and it's not particularly about Hit It SKYWARD which is what the title says. i haven't posted in a good long while, so i suppose it is fitting that i come back with a SUPER long one. i might change the background. there's a really pretty brown one with pink flowers.... i think... there's also a REALLLY pretty turquoisy one with rushing water. i am going to go change that to the background. bye!!!!!!!!!

and say more interesting things than: hi i am commenting.
if that is all you have to say, you do not have to comment.

bye for real now

just ignore any major (or minor) spelling mistakes. this thing doesn't have spell check, and i don't want to check everything.

i am really leaving now i promise

the keyboard i am using does not like me which is why of all the typoos ;)

i will leave RIGHT NOW

now i am just trying to stal!!!

the final goodbye wil now take place!

guess what!... well... i will say that in a different post

BYE!!!!!! :)

04/02/2013 6:23pm

Well THAT was three minutes of my life I'll never get back!

Lol. Just kidding. Good stuff. Can't wait to play Skyfall and happy for the sardine-eating twins.

04/03/2013 2:08pm

no no no.... sardine is my friend, and the twins were her age. but thanks for commenting!!!

04/03/2013 2:09pm

There's so much in this post about me! And me, the master of TDG? I feel so... so... honored!!!!!

04/03/2013 2:10pm


04/03/2013 2:17pm

Although, I do love sardines...

big monkey
04/26/2013 8:40pm

hello night owl to be, i'm commenting because you asked me to. also, i think i know who philio and rory are, but i'm blanked on cheesy...i'm going to have to figure out who that is...hmmmm....wait....i have a guess.....hmmm....is she related to one of the others?


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