I have a million friends, which is lucky. so here i am going to say stuff about them:

Philio: she is my oldest friend. because i have known her since i was my sisters age. she is a really good writer. and she is going to get a book published one of these days. she is also a poem girl

Rory: i met her when i started the school. she is very silly sometimes, and also very serious. she is very fun to be with.

Cheesy: she is very opinionated (in a good way!), and she's also really fun to be around. she is one of the poem girls.

Twinsie: she looooooovvvvvveeeeesssss singing. she is a really good singer, and will probably be famous someday. she's a poem girl.

Sardine: she is two-years younger than me, but she is very mature and smart. like Rory she can be totally goofy one minute, and totally pensieve the next. but in a different way. she is also a poem girl.

Misty: she used to be totally obsessed with cats, now it's horses. shek knows a lot about wildlife and animals. she is always full of energy. she is a new poem girl.

Booster: i have known her for forever too. she moved a while ago, but i recently went to visit her. she also wants to be a singer, and she got into the finals of our county's version of American Idol.

there are a million other people that i am friends with. but i am bored so i don't want to list them all. those are just some of them. some of my other friends are: Smiley, Turtle, Cheese, Thrift Shop, Penny, and probably others. just stab a

06/24/2013 3:26pm

OH! SO SWEET! Now it's time for yours: Roo: I have known her since I started school. She is super nice and funny. I think she's the only other person who thinks that the pom pom dance is super fun. (Don't ask, it's a long story.) Love ya Roo!

06/25/2013 8:43pm

you have such awesome friends!! and so cool of sardine to chime in about you, roo! i think you're super nice and funny, too...but i don't think i wanna know what the pom pom dance is!


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