sorry for the ever-boring titles... i never have anything to say for a title. i hope at least some of you checked out poem girls. i think it is pretty spectacular myself --not to brag i'm just saying... anyway, in less than two and a half weeks is my school play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't feel ready!!!!! i do feel stressed.

big monkey
04/26/2013 9:00pm

hey roo, i hear you about feeling stressed about your play...sometimes I feel stress at work because i sometimes have a lot to do, as you know...but whenever i'm feeling stress, or getting upset because i'm working so hard and not getting as far ahead as i want to, and i get stressed by that...i just remember to myself, stress means that you care. and caring is meaningful. i'd rather be stressed because i care so much than not have things i care about...and you're going to be wonderful in your play! i can't wait!!!


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